Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Day 01: Recent Picture and 15 Facts about me.

1. I am a 22 year old thumb sucker and i'll probably keep sucking it until the day i leave this earth. [It helps calms my nerves lol]

2. I have 5 sisters and 3 brothers.

3. I hold my breath everytime i am crossing a bridge, near a gasoline truck and see an airplane flying. [Im terrified of them]

4. Don't ever give me apple juice.

5. I can do others hair. But I can't do mine. lol sad.

6. I was a BabySitters Club Fanatic. I had the whole collection of books, posters, stickers, and the bookshelf to match. I even wanted to start my own babysitters club. But my mother crushed my damn dreams. :-(

7.  I am senior Afro-American studies major at Howard University. I don't know what career I want to go into yet but I know I want to work in a public service field.

8. My fave colors are pink,  purple, and yellow.

9. I love to bake!!

10. I use to be scared to go to church because i thought my pastor was GOD when i was little and thought he knew everything about me.

11. My favorite movie is Cinderella.

12. I am the BIGGEST procrastinator!

13. OMG. I had the biggest crush on Tuxedo Mask off Sailor Moon.

14.  I had a poem published in the 5th grade.

15. I like to take three hour naps. 

I am Anastasia Monet and that is me in a nutshell =)

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