Monday, December 13, 2010

My Christmas 2010 Wish List

So Christmas is next week and I have just a few things on my list this year. Not much. Here is what I want =) :

I have been asking for a puppy every year since I was like 6. And I have yet to get one. I really want a teacup maltese. They are soooo cute and tiny!!!!

I plan to do a lot of traveling and blogging in the upcoming year so having a digital camera is essential. I really like the Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX3. A friend of mine let me play with it for a little bit and I really loved the quality of the photos. 

A new IPOD!!!! I had an Ipod Touch but it stopped working on me after dropping it a few times. Traveling to and from work/school has been weird without my music. 
I really need a new make-up brush set. A Mac brush set would be great!!! I wore out the brushes I already have lol. 

and last but certainly not least,

MONEY!!!!! So I can pay my Spring tuition...


  1. i hope u get itttt :)


  2. Hope you get some if not all on you're wish list!

  3. I'm really with on the mac brush set, I need a new one...
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