Sunday, October 10, 2010

Me in Threes ♥

Just a lil bit about myself =)...

*Taken from: Briana*

Three names I go by;

Anastasia, Ana, Lovely

Three places I have lived;

Brooklyn, NY---Fayetteville, NC---DMV

Three people who text/bbm me regularly;

Bestie Jade, Sister Quadasia, Boyfriend Marcus

Three fave drinks;

Tropicana Orange Juice, SunnyD, Cran-Grape Juice

Three fave. old shows;

I Love Lucy, Good Times, The Cosby Show

Three tv shows I watch;

The Game, Everybody Hates Chris, Family Guy

Three fave dishes;

Alfredo, Curry Chicken, Ziti

Three places I have been;

Nova Scotia, Canada---Disney World---Miami, FL

Three beauty/makeup products I can't live without;

Mac Lipgloss, Maybelline Falsies Mascara, Mac Studio Tech N45

Three places I would like to visit;

Ghana, Los Angeles, Rome

Three things I'm looking forward to;

Graduate School, Starting a family, buying my first car

Three jobs I have had;

Office assistant with my college admission office, crew member at Bojangles, Cashier at Chix LLC

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