Thursday, September 30, 2010


     Hey! Well, first allow me to introduce myself. My name is Anastasia Monet. I am a 20-something year old student at Howard University from Fayetteville, NC, by way of Brooklyn, NY. I am fairly new to this blogging thing. I created this blog back in March, but never actually posted anything until now (procrastination got the best of me lol tsk.tsk.). I am still trying to determine the direction I want this blog to go. I do know that I don't want this blog to be based solely on music,fashion, and beauty. I was thinking using this as a means to share my experiences living in DC and random rants on any given thing. If time permits, I will be updating regularly. I hope you guys enjoy my blog! I am looking forward to sharing my thoughts and getting feedback from you all.


  1. Nice to meet you : ) I say just post about whatever you want when you want to! Thanks for following, I will too!

  2. nice to meet you..! post anything you want.. it all about you..! I say hello to your new follower..!